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Cyber Awareness has never been this Fun

Cyber Security. Cyber Awareness. Marketing and Trade shows

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Cyber Deck of 52 - the Why

Headed to a Tradeshow?

So, your competitors are giving out T-Shirts at the Conference... yawnberger, right?

Why not play a little Blackjack with people coming up to your booth and talk a little shop?

Make Marketing Fun Again

As a marketing or sales pro, trying to find unique ways to stand out is challenging. So true.

Why not try something that is sure to leave an impression with clients and future customers?

Employees a little cyber sloppy?

We get it.   But cyber awareness can be fun and informative.  It was proven in a Swedish lab in the Fall of 74'.

Hand them out as a full deck or individual cards when they do some good work.  And when they get a Flush, Full Boat or a 21, stroke'em a gift card.

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