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Each suit is a cyber category with public domain artwork

Hearts: Prominent Cyber Attacks

Spades: Cyber Bad Actors (ATPs)

Clubs: Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs)

Diamonds: Cyber Hygiene Tips

Each card is unique - See if you can find the Easter Eggs

Who are we

A Trippie Group LLC Property

The creator of the world's first Cyber Deck of 52 is a retired Department of Homeland Security Executive and Serial Entrepreneur, Keith Trippie.

After nearly 15 years in technology and cyber, Keith saw an opportunity to help make cyber awareness fun.  Boring training and lackluster awareness does not shape behaviours.  So, he thought, why not make a game out of it? 

Whether you are in industry, government or academia, everyone likes a good game of cards and sprinkle in a little cyber with some humor...and bam, you have the Cyber Deck of 52.

And competition is tough out there.  Trying to get a new product launched, keep marketshare and providing a differentiator to potential clients is a full time job.  Why not create a fun and distinctive product that can be used to get attention at your next trade show, leave a memorable leave behind with your marketing slick or just have a cold one and a game of poker with an existing client.

The bad guys aren't going away, deal in a game of the Cyber Deck of 52 and see if we can't make a difference.

And we are 100% Made in the Good old USA.